SMART Bro Prepaid is avaible to all Smart center outlets nationwide. For only P4,500, you will have a SMART KIT and a USB modem plus a P30 worth of prepaid load, that was 3hours of connection. Surf on a speed of 386kbps, P20 per hour.
Frequently Ask questions:
Q: Aside from P4,500, is there any hidden charges monthly fees?
A: NO!!!

Q: What if my SMART Bro USB modem fail
A: You may bring your SMART Bro USB model to any SMART center outlets as long as your USB still under warranty.

Q: Any software requirements?
A: Yup,
CPU: 500 MHz or higher
RAM: 128MB or higher
Hard Disk: 20 MB or higher
USB 2.0 port*
Operating systems: Windows 2000, XP, Vista MAC OS X

Q: Are you a user of SMART Bro prepaid?
A: NO, i just want to blog it haha! But my friend is a SMART Bro prepaid user, I got these information to her.


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  1. News Flash SMART BRO Plug it Now 995 pesos

    The Smart BRO USB modem is a small, palm-sized device that you can carry with you wherever you go. And anytime you need to surf, just plug it into the USB port of your PC, and you’ll get connected in a flash. Total initial payment is P995 with FREE 5 Hours of internet surfing. Broadband Internet
    use is P10 for every 30 minutes. They now also have a per minute charge plan read more about it at the blog below

    Smart Bro Prepaid kit NOW costs P995 which already includes a USB modem and
    a SIM card. It already has a P100 preloaded broadband load which can be used up to 5 hours of high-speed broadband internet use.

    Also read my review of SMART BRO plug it and share it along with antenna and manual comments.

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