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Looking for blogroll friends

I am a new blogger, how I wish someone will invite me to his/her blogroll… I accept all kinds of sites as long as its not a Splog… i love to link to personal sites and blogs..

If you are interested.. please make the following:

  1. ADD me first to your blogroll
  2. Then post a comment below

Looking for 10 bloggers to swap links with me 🙂


Making an adsense empire

I was shocked when I saw the Google Adsense income of my friend, he was earning about $2500-$3000 a month on his blogspot accounts! He has more than 200 blogspot accounts.. He doesnt host any of his websites to avoid payments from webhost..

He was encouraging me to start my own Adsense empire. So I am here at the front of my pc using this creepy blogspot checking site by Glenn ,this site helps me a lot coz, all i have to do is type different keywords and presto blogspot checker will inform me if the subdomain was taken … then after this, I will browse google trends to look for hot topics.. Wish me lock on Adsense 😉 hehe