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A nice Christian Comic website

Just want to share a site that changed the way I look at life. The Christian comic of Faithupgrade is awesome. The site indeed shows how God interact with our daily lives.
Below is a sample story entitled. Christian during trials and blessings. Check out.
Christian comic

Aside from comic, their christian quotes is also nice.


A Message to Harold Camping Believers

Whats up with you guys? How strong do you believe that bible is a word of GOD? Do you read it? Have you read the book of Matthew 24? It says no one knows the 2nd coming of Christ. Do be fooled by false prophets. The May 21 End of the World of your pastor is not real. Read the rest of this entry

John 3:16

Thetskie tagged with me with my favorite child hood bible verse John 3:16. Haha
Thanks Thetskie.

This is our GOD album

Just want to share this nice song from Hillsong from their album This is our GOD
Your name high and Sing to the Lord. I was looking for this song from PCBS but out of stock. Any one owns the CD, I will buy. Please post your comment.

Christian SOngs I love

Time to plug, just want to plug one of the site owned by Thetskie my friend… A music video and lyrics of Our Father by Don Moen, and The lyrics of I will sing is one of my favorite christian song.

I also love the lyrics of Hope Now and Made to Worship. and last one Sing for Joy

Serpent seed, Cain is Satan’s son

Did you know that Cain is a son of Satan and Eve? You should read this site very interesting.

Eve commit sex with Satan.