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Milk safe with melamine

Mr. Francisco Duque III the secretary of DOH states that Greenfood Yili Fresh Milk and Mengniu drink are only the milk positive for melamine content. BFAD released a list of milk products safe and negavite with melamine.
I already notify MoneyandNature and FreePlug to blog about this 😉

Large Hadron Collider was successful

I thought it was end of the world lastday lol, if scientist from Large Hadron collider made a single mistake on their experiment, it will result into a gigantic blackhole that will soak our planet earth, including other planets..

Thank God they were successful. As a part of their celebration they made a humurous rap video.

So ladies and gentlemen watch the Large Hadron Collider rap video lols, ohh and read their lyrics hehe

Earthquake on SF

I friend of mine Lorna lives on San Francisco, she stop chatting with me when she fell there was an earthquake.
Just blogging this out incase you are looking for Earthquake on San Francisco.. just visit that site :).
Just wondering earthquakes, hurricanes are all popping out , is this a sign of the end times?

Iphone Girl pictures from Iphone

A news from Yahoo website ,there was a girl from Iphone factory site that make a pictures of her self on one of the iphones in their factory. A cellphone owner post in a mac forum site asking if others got also a picture of that alleged Iphone Girl.
View the three pictures of Iphone Girl
, Thanks to my younger bro. Ryan for the tip 🙂

Earthquake on July 18

I got an email from my friend that theres a coming earthquake here in the Philippines on July 18, 2008. Recently I blogged about the past 4.6 magnitude earthquake.. and now.. heres a new a earthquake prediction?
What do you think? Is it a hoax?