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Ken Shamrock knocks Kimbo Slice

I saw the fight and I can’t believe that Kimbo Slice was defeated on Ken Shamrock easily.
Check out the following Ken and Kimbo fight screent shots.
Kimbo versus Shamrock
(Ken Shamrock kicks Kimbo..)
and now click here to watch the Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock video fight.

And tell me if Kimbo was not paid to loose.

Leryn Franco

Do you watch Beijing Olympics? Have you notice this girl?

She was Leryn Franco, a 26yrs old javelin player from Paraguayan. She was become the center of attention of people who watch the Beijing olympics.. Others called her the Olympic Crush.
Click here for more pictures of Leryn

Michael Phelps on Youtube

Seems every Beijing Video on Youtube was deleted… Watch the 100m butterfly game of Michael Phelps. .
This was a great game..