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50 Shades FREE Audiobook Download

Congrats E.L. James! No body can deny your Fifty Shades of Grey is now a worldwide favorite book. Read the rest of this entry


A huge moon on June 23, 2013

Hello fellow wordpress bloggers! Did you know on June 23, 2013 there will be a Supermoon? It occurs when earth and moon cross on its nearest distance so we can see the moon much larger than its usual.

So bookmark the date. I will bought an SLR before that date.

Cherry Mobile Flare a nice Christmas gift

Today I bought an early Christmas gift for my mom, its an android smart phone from Cherry Mobile unit called Flare. It’s good, very fast. And it’s very affordable I got it for only P3,999 or $97usd. Its very pretty cheap for a very fast Android device running from Android Ice Cream.

Doll games, dressing games , Episode 365 of One Piece

I was bored, when I cross the blog with a very nice Doll Flash game.
A game of dressing a SIM Character check this out here. The virtual doll has a changable nice cloths, earings, pants and dress.
Check it out 😉

Anyways, I am currenly watching the One Piece episode 365 here at


Just like my friend Thet aka Thetskie did… I’ll try to rank with my Internet screen name too Shielababes…
Right now the keyword Shielababes is on the 3rd place ranking of Google.. I need to beat the 2nd and 1st.. hihi 🙂

I want to rank on this keyword Shielababes, just liked my friend did 😉


SMART Bro Prepaid is avaible to all Smart center outlets nationwide. For only P4,500, you will have a SMART KIT and a USB modem plus a P30 worth of prepaid load, that was 3hours of connection. Surf on a speed of 386kbps, P20 per hour.
Frequently Ask questions:
Q: Aside from P4,500, is there any hidden charges monthly fees?
A: NO!!!

Q: What if my SMART Bro USB modem fail
A: You may bring your SMART Bro USB model to any SMART center outlets as long as your USB still under warranty.

Q: Any software requirements?
A: Yup,
CPU: 500 MHz or higher
RAM: 128MB or higher
Hard Disk: 20 MB or higher
USB 2.0 port*
Operating systems: Windows 2000, XP, Vista MAC OS X

Q: Are you a user of SMART Bro prepaid?
A: NO, i just want to blog it haha! But my friend is a SMART Bro prepaid user, I got these information to her.

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