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Vampire Academy Audiobook , our review

As I read the books of Vampire Academy. I feel its like  a new version of Twilight Eclipse where the main characters are community of vampires. Actually its a school or an academy full of vampires. Better read the book.. Watch out for the spoilers guys.

<br />This is the audiobook for the first book of Vampire Academy.<br />

Then the book two, entitled Frosbite, the main character Rose revenge with Strigoi upon her death. Dimitri promise Rose that he will never leave her.
<br />
Christian and Rose joined force to defeat Strigoi. In this book, Rose is planning to leave the academy to look for Dimitri and to kill him.

and finally the last part of the book…




Before Jamaica Lane audiobook review

Spoiler haters, get out of here.. Just finished reading the book of Before Jamaica Lane by Samantha Young. And now I am reviewing the book by listening on its audiobook. Its free, you can get it here. It’s a story of a guy Nate and a girl Olivia who are bestfriends. They are good friends, eats, and hangouts just like lovers. But later on their relationshp as bestfriends turn to romantic engagement but without attach commitment. Check out the audiobook preview.

Enders Game audiobook for FREE download for 30days Hurry!

hi guys, just sharing this audiobook link I found in Youtube. Read the rest of this entry

Awesome! Divergent Audiobook by Veronica Roth

Howdy guys? Have you heard the incoming movie Divergent this 2014? Would you like to know what will happened in the movie? The movie is based from its novel Divergent written by Veronica Roth.
As always, in my humble opinion books are better than it’s movie version. Book authors are better than movie script writers.

If you want to download the audiobook of Divergent get it here for FREE 😉

Credits: Youtube audiobook of Divergent

MP3 version of Doctor Sleep by Stephen King?

Stephen King is an amazing author. I love reading his books.  I bought 5 books written by Mr. King such as Doctor Sleep (my favorite), Dark, Tower, Joyland, Lisey’s Story and Duma Key. Read the rest of this entry